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Imagine dropping your dog off and getting them back an all star with all of your challenges being a thing of the past! Our Board & Train is the most popular & comprehensive program for your dog to become a well balanced obedient dog. This training package is like a boarding school for your dog. Training a dog requires lots of time, rep’s and consistency which is very time consuming. Your dog lives at our training facility for a two-week period and they learn the curriculum listed on this page while becoming immune to distractions and learning to live an off-leash life. At the conclusion of the program, your canine is off-leash and obedient.

The Best Vacation Solution For Your Dog!

If you can’t take your dog with you on vacation, don’t put him in a kennel – send him to camp!  Progress is made daily as we are constantly interacting with your dog and guiding him/her to be a Good Dog. In order to give our canine clients the best care and training possible, we limit the number of Board and Train dogs. We make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training program for your dog. Your dog is trained in all types of practical situations, inside and outside. The dog is worked around people, other dogs and in many different environments.

Caring And Efficient Trainers


Let’s face it – you’re not a dog trainer. And that’s okay! We don’t know how this website is built or how to do it, so we went to a professional! That’s why Board and train programs are so successful! If you’ve ever tried to train a dog in the past you may remember the hundreds, or even thousands, of repetitions that you were expected to perform to achieve your desired results. Let us handle that for you!


These programs tend to be those most effective way to get immediate results. When staying at our dog training kennels, your pet will not only get the training and attention that they need, but they will also have the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs as well. Your dog will know all the basic commands by the time he/she comes back home and also all the behavior problem will be worked on while your dog is in the boot camp program. In addition to working with your dog, we make it a point to involve you as the owner. We will provide you with educational instruction and vital hands-on training:

  • Better house manners
  • Sit and extended sit (dog remains in position until released)
  • Down and extended down
  • Loose leash and off-leash walking
  • Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
  • Greeting manners (not jumping)
  • Waiting politely at doors and gates (wait when they are opened until you release them)
  • Waiting politely for meals (wait until they are released)
  • Training with distractions (dogs and people)
  • Place and extended place (jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there until released)
  • Heel command (off-leash, will come around the right side of your body and sit down right beside of your left leg)

Training Programs

Puppy Training
Puppy Training

Voted Best Riverside Dog Trainers by the editors of Dogproblems.com

Obedience Training
Obedience Training

Temecula Valley Obedience Training – Over 1500 Happy Clients!

Behavior Training
Behavior Training

Behavior Modification With Temecula's Premier Dog Trainers

Consistency & Customization Training


With any dog training, consistency and customization is key. Board and train programs are designed for people who do not have the time or desire to attend multiple training classes with their pup, or for those who need serious help with their dog’s issues. This may include anything from basic obedience and etiquette to advanced skills like gun dog training or security training. Having access to your dog 24/7 allows the trainer to work with your pup in multiple situations. After they understand the commands we are implementing and are continuously accepting the commands, we then start increasing systematically the type of distractions that they encounter. It starts out with just small distractions around the facility and increase from there. At the end of the boarding/training period, your trainer will sit down with you to review what was done and how you can continue the reinforcement at home. 


Let an expert do the work so you know your dog will come home with results you will be happy with! No matter what breed, age or behavior we can help turn your dog into a perfect obedient pet that listens – Results Guaranteed! Epic Dog Academy is a team of successful and accomplished dog trainers servicing the greater Temecula Valley Area. With our Board and Train services, we are able to build a solid foundation for your dog and work through the stages of training. We’ve helped train popular breeds such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pitbulls, Labradors, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Terriers Retrievers and more. From puppy to adult! From anxiety, to not listening, biting, chewing to angry aggressive behavior.

Dog Training Service
Caring And Efficient Trainers


One of our areas of expertise is rehabilitating dogs with behavioral and aggression issues. In our award winning training program, he’ll have fun while he learns good manners. When your dog has completed the program he or she will receive a Certificate of Completion from Epic Dog Academy Training.

Epic Dog Academy Training Videos

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Why Our Clients Love Us


Epic Dog Academy has been fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them. Since the moment called them I was treated like family. Arturo our trainer was amazing. He was a great teacher and I enjoyed each of our sessions. If you’re looking for a great company to help train your dog then I fully recommend them.

Jonathan T.

I cannot be happier with the service I have received from Epic dog Acadamy. I’m so happy I found them. My dog is extremely well behaved and very confident thanks to Arturo. He gave us all the tools we needed to have an amazing relationship with our dog and to give him a purpose! Definitely worth every single penny! Thank you guys for everything cannot be happier!

Judy B.

Epic Dog Academy, their team, Arturo, Vincent, Jacob and Olivia really set up our German Sheperd Brazy with a great foundation for success. In just about a month she has made an amazing transformation and developed tools to continue her journey in growth and maturity. Just as important, we know what is required on our end in regards to setting the right example and putting in the work she needs. Brazy misses going to school every day but she will be going back for grp class on a consistent basis to continue this journey. Thanks again!!

Marisa M.

Monica was our dog, Diesel’s trainer and she was amazing!!! She was so nice and easy to talk to! She trained our dog so quickly and we really dont know what we would do without her! Vince is the head guy and hes a no nonsense type of fella who we knew was the right fit for us and our pitbull! Overall, I highly recommend!!!

Macie D.

Personally I have never been to the Dog Academy, myself my friend take his dog there and has taken mine for me. But I do know that they are serious about their work. They do work with different cities regarding their problem dogs and I know that they are loving and caring people toward your fur babies. They have different Services other than just the training and they are a pleasure to work with

Deni P.

I trust this company. I was having trouble with my dogs and they were able to teach them everything they promised they would. It’s been much easier now having dogs that obey and listen to me.

Emily F.

I got my dog back today.. and she is so calm and well behaved... she has been listening to my commands... I can tell she really loved all of the staff! I am so grateful I found Epic Dog Academy


This is our second dog to go through training with epic dog academy. Arturo and Vincent have done a great job with the obedience training and answering all of our questions. I highly recommend sending your pup here if you want top tier obedience training.

James L.

Amazing wouldnt go any where else . The price is worth every penny cause other places dont come with everything they do . And my dog doesnt like many people outside my family but she likes them.

Andrew S.

Epic has a great training program. Our dog Has improved tremendously thanks to our trainer Arturo. Arturo Is also bilingual and was helpful in explaining and teaching my parents how to work with our dog. I highly recommend Epic Dog Academy!

Jeanette J.

We went to Epic Dog Academy for Service Dog Training and are really happy with the results. Arturo and Vince were true professionals throughout the whole process. They definitely went above and beyond in getting Watson trained up and ready to help his Dad out. I would recommend Epic Dog Academy to any dog owner in SoCal.

Cameron S.

Arturo and the rest of the staff made amazing gains with our 4 pups! We gave them some real challenges and boy did they come through. Our dogs are now happy pups and so pleasant to be around. Not only is the EDA training amazing but their continued support is there anytime we need it. Thank you EDA!!

Kellie R.

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