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Our Doggy Daycare Facility

Our dogs are more than just pets—they’re part of our family. They’re our constant companions, our exercise partners, our enthusiastic playmates, and even our coworkers. If you happen to work long hours or spend a chunk of your day in school, doggy daycare is an exceptional solution. Epic Doc Academy’s doggy daycare program offers parents peace-of-mind alternatives to leaving their pets home alone during the day as well as safety and security for our boarding parents while they are away. Each Day will be different at Epic Doc Academy. We specialize in tailoring to your dog’s individual needs. 


Playtime & Socialization

Our facility is specially designed to accommodate a variety of social canine personalities. Dog daycare is a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically fit while you are away for the day. It encourages socialization and alleviates loneliness and boredom for dogs with busy parents. Each day is specifically tailored to help our guests enjoy a day filled with stimulation and interaction. 

Epic Dog Academy has a specialized doggie daycare program designed to provide your dog an enjoyable and engaging socialization experience. Our staff members provide continuous supervision for your pet, with fun activities that promote physical and mental stimulation. 

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Dogs are pack animals, and require socialization to maintain a healthy temperament. The key benefit of sending your dog to Epic Dog Academy is the physical and mental stimulation they get by being with other healthy and socialized dogs in a secure and controlled environment. Proper dog socialization has been found to reduce behavioral problems and enhance the owner’s relationship with their dog. Whether you’re going to work for the day or leaving town for the weekend, you don’t have to leave your dog alone at home. Let Epic Doc Academy become your dog’s home away from home.This is why our facility has been designed to provide the safest and most stimulating environment for your dog. 

Benefits of Doggy Daycare
Dog Care Service

What We Offer

If you can’t stand the thought of your canine cooped up at home while you’re at work or running errands, Epic Dog Academy provides your dog with exercise and care in an open play environment.


Our boarding facility provides a comfortable and relaxing home away from home for your pet when you need to be away on business, vacation, or an emergency. You want a place where your pet can be safe, secure, and happy! We offer a fun, yet relaxing environment for your pet to experience. Epic Dog Academy hosts social playtime in small groups or you can ask that we walk your pet individually. Our kennel runs are open and allow the dogs to see each other and interact with their surroundings at all times. This provides mental and physical stimulation even when they are relaxing in their run. Regardless of the dog boarding option you choose, we make sure your pet is safe and happy, receiving plenty of exercise, social interaction, and premium meals for their continued health.

Dog Social Playtime
Supervision For Pet


Does your dog have separation anxiety? Chews up your house or goes potty in the house while you are gone?  Dogs are fully supervised while they are with us. To prevent possessiveness, we request that you not bring any personal items such as toys, snacks, beds, or blankets. First time dog clients are required to participate in an assessment day.  If your dog is found unable, due to temperament, to participate in group play, rest assured they will be kept in a safe, calm environment until you are able to pick them up.  All of our guests, regardless of temperament, receive the attention and care that they need, and we do whatever it takes to make sure their stay with us—no matter how long or short it is—is a completely enjoyable experience. You’ll see our trained staff giving lots of one-on-one attention, providing belly-rubs a-plenty.


Epic Dog Academy has a specialized doggie daycare program designed to provide your dog an enjoyable and engaging socialization experience. And don’t our pets deserve the very best? As dog owners, we know how difficult it can be to meet your dog’s needs while balancing your own. We provide a variety of exceptional care, grooming services, and products for dogs of all sizes! Attending daycare can help dogs play nice when they pass their colleagues on the street, or when they’re at the dog park. It’s also great for dogs with separation anxiety, as they’ll always be in good company here. This will significantly improve their temperament and prevent destructive behavior, making them a more balanced and happier companion for your home!

Doggie Daycare Program

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