Looking for a Dog Trainer in Menifee, CA? We Can Help!

If you have a dog, ensuring that he or she is trained is an essential part of being a dog owner. At the Epic Dog Academy, we offer pet owners in Menifee, CA, a unique opportunity to train their canine companions.


Our Dog Training Services

We provide the following services to help you build a special bond with your dog:

Puppy Training in Menifee CA
Owning a puppy can be challenging! Starting early will improve your chances of successfully teaching your dog the essentials. From puppy obedience training to learning manners in the home, we’ll help you groom your dog with the ultimate training program!

Want to stop your dog from chewing on everything or being aggressive? We offer premium behavioral modification training to help correct destructive behaviors.

Behavioral Modification in Menifee CA
Service Training in Menifee CA

Service dogs improve the lives of many, and it all starts with proper training. Let us help you prepare your furry friend to protect and serve!

Doggy Daycare and Other Services

Because we are committed to caring for dogs and assisting dog owners in Menifee, CA, we also provide the following services:

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