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Our Day Train Program

If you find yourself needing help with excessive barking, digging, chewing or other destructive and unwanted behaviors, let Epic Dog Training give you the expert care and education you need to have a healthy, happy relationship with your dog. Our Day Train program is a great program for clients who are looking for the same exact result as a board and train program they would just like their dog home in the evening. With our day train program you drop your dog off in the morning and pick your dog up in the evening during the time that your dog is with us we teach them the obedience commands necessary to be a successful dog we take them in public and train them at our facility daily and they go home and sleep with you. We show owners what their dog learned that day and how to perform the commands so you are able to reinforce the command at home.

Day Train Program

Our Day Trainers

Day Training is when the dog trainer does the actual work of training your dog – not you. In traditional dog training, the trainer will be coaching your pet while you are away from the facility. Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers have the experience and education necessary to resolve a wide range of behavior problems for any dog breed or any age. The trainers at Epic Dog Academy are experts in canine behavior, and dog training is their full-time job and our effectiveness is why we are the most-trusted trainers in the Temecula Valley.

Are you struggling with a dog who does not understand what you want? Is your dog lacking obedience or struggling with undesired behaviors and you’re just not sure what else to do? Give Epic Dog Academy a call to help build the foundation with your dog for a long lasting positive relationship.

Caring And Efficient Trainers


We recognize that every dog and owner are different. Some dogs require more time to learn, others catch on quickly, and many suffer from behavioral problems that can be an unending source of frustration. Lessons are for every breed, every age, and every size. Parents expecting babies, first-time dog owners, and vacationers are the most frequent users. We work hard to make learning and behavior modification a fun, informative experience for you and your pet. Dog training sessions during the day consist of intensive one-on-one training time during regular day care hours. Day training programs are tailored specifically for each dog.


Our most popular and effective training programs are our board and train stays. But day training can also be effective for you and your pet. No matter your training goals, we have a number of expert training options to suit your needs. Drop your dog off in the morning for a full day of training with us, and pick up a tired, and more knowledgeable companion at the end of the day. While your pup enjoys a stay in our award-winning lodging facility, they’ll enjoy one-on-one sessions with a trainer tailored for your specific goals.

Training Programs

Puppy Training
Puppy Training

Voted Best Riverside Dog Trainers by the editors of Dogproblems.com

Obedience Training
Obedience Training

Temecula Valley Obedience Training – Over 1500 Happy Clients!

Behavior Training
Behavior Training

Behavior Modification With Temecula's Premier Dog Trainers

Day Train


Learn to speak the same language as your dog and you will build a reliable, dependable and responsible bond that you never knew you could have with your pet. We guarantee respect and patience in all that we do for you and your dog, and we always work within your dog’s comfort zone as well as your own! We want you to have fun and to enjoy our unique learning process while we encourage you to set goals for you and your dog over time. We will teach your dog all of the obedience commands and work correcting any behaviors you feel need to be changed:

  • Heel
  • Wait
  • Sit
  • Leave it
  • Down
  • Off
  • Stay
  • Quiet
  • Come
  • Go to bed


We believe it is essential to instill proper socialization and playtime with other dogs so that they may co-exist and be properly socialize in a controlled environment. Selected socialization it is a process we use here at Epic Dog Academy in order to help dogs that have behavior problems and or need training to learn the proper socialization needed to be a productive member of their family as well as be safe around other dogs and or people. This process utilizes dogs that have the correct temperament and behaviors we are looking we then utilize these dogs that have the training to help guide and train other untrained dogs.

Caring And Efficient Trainers


Behavior modification program is our program that helps modify unwanted behavior such as separation anxiety leash reactivity urination in the home hyper activeness etc this program is a board and train program that submerses your dog in the lifestyle of training learning to help develop the structure guidance and clarity for your dog to understand what the expectation of the household is. We go above and beyond to provide a safe and secure environment for puppies to exercise their social skills with humans and fellow pups. Of course, lots of fun and play is included.

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Why Our Clients Love Us


Epic Dog Academy has been fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them. Since the moment called them I was treated like family. Arturo our trainer was amazing. He was a great teacher and I enjoyed each of our sessions. If you’re looking for a great company to help train your dog then I fully recommend them.

Jonathan T.

I cannot be happier with the service I have received from Epic dog Acadamy. I’m so happy I found them. My dog is extremely well behaved and very confident thanks to Arturo. He gave us all the tools we needed to have an amazing relationship with our dog and to give him a purpose! Definitely worth every single penny! Thank you guys for everything cannot be happier!

Judy B.

Epic Dog Academy, their team, Arturo, Vincent, Jacob and Olivia really set up our German Sheperd Brazy with a great foundation for success. In just about a month she has made an amazing transformation and developed tools to continue her journey in growth and maturity. Just as important, we know what is required on our end in regards to setting the right example and putting in the work she needs. Brazy misses going to school every day but she will be going back for grp class on a consistent basis to continue this journey. Thanks again!!

Marisa M.

Monica was our dog, Diesel’s trainer and she was amazing!!! She was so nice and easy to talk to! She trained our dog so quickly and we really dont know what we would do without her! Vince is the head guy and hes a no nonsense type of fella who we knew was the right fit for us and our pitbull! Overall, I highly recommend!!!

Macie D.

Personally I have never been to the Dog Academy, myself my friend take his dog there and has taken mine for me. But I do know that they are serious about their work. They do work with different cities regarding their problem dogs and I know that they are loving and caring people toward your fur babies. They have different Services other than just the training and they are a pleasure to work with

Deni P.

I trust this company. I was having trouble with my dogs and they were able to teach them everything they promised they would. It’s been much easier now having dogs that obey and listen to me.

Emily F.

I got my dog back today.. and she is so calm and well behaved... she has been listening to my commands... I can tell she really loved all of the staff! I am so grateful I found Epic Dog Academy


This is our second dog to go through training with epic dog academy. Arturo and Vincent have done a great job with the obedience training and answering all of our questions. I highly recommend sending your pup here if you want top tier obedience training.

James L.

Amazing wouldnt go any where else . The price is worth every penny cause other places dont come with everything they do . And my dog doesnt like many people outside my family but she likes them.

Andrew S.

Epic has a great training program. Our dog Has improved tremendously thanks to our trainer Arturo. Arturo Is also bilingual and was helpful in explaining and teaching my parents how to work with our dog. I highly recommend Epic Dog Academy!

Jeanette J.

We went to Epic Dog Academy for Service Dog Training and are really happy with the results. Arturo and Vince were true professionals throughout the whole process. They definitely went above and beyond in getting Watson trained up and ready to help his Dad out. I would recommend Epic Dog Academy to any dog owner in SoCal.

Cameron S.

Arturo and the rest of the staff made amazing gains with our 4 pups! We gave them some real challenges and boy did they come through. Our dogs are now happy pups and so pleasant to be around. Not only is the EDA training amazing but their continued support is there anytime we need it. Thank you EDA!!

Kellie R.

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